Why Rentworks

RentWorks is the leading independent leasing Company in Kenya. Our proven ability to help businesses achieve their goals has earned us a reputation as a preferred asset finance partner.

RentWorks offers a proven combination of asset intelligence, adept leadership and a rare understanding of both equipment and finance.

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

RentWorks stands alone as being innovative and dynamic in the provision of rental solutions. It is our comprehensive industry knowledge and dedication to complete flexibility that makes us unique in our field, and which highlights our innovative approach to financing.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience in managing customers across a diverse range of industries through continual changes in their technology provides us with the capability and knowledge required to serve customers.

Leverage against depreciation

With an operating lease there is no initial large lump-sum or deposit required. Entering into a rental agreement for depreciating assets, such as technology, medical equipment, yellow goods and most machinery, frees up capital that can be used for profit-generating pursuits and investments. It allows you to acquire the equipment you need today, but spread the payment across its useful life. This approach is very cost-effective because the periodic rental payments you make will more or less be fixed for the term of the contract.

Increase your purchasing power

A rental agreement allows you to stretch your budget a lot further and leverage your buying power enabling you to procure more of what you need, when you need it, to obtain otherwise out-of-reach capital assets. It also enables you to fix your equipment costs based on the regular and predictable payments.

Embrace the technological curve

The real benefit of equipment is in using it, not in owning it. Most organisations appreciate that having the latest technologically advanced assets can ensure competitive advantage in any fast paced modern economy. It can be challenging to keep up with technological advances while managing the rapidly accumulating surplus, redundant equipment that takes up valuable space at a high cost. Renting enables you to hedge against obsolescence so that you enjoy full use of the equipment while also allowing for replacement and upgrades.

Banks understand finance, not assets

Banks are not necessarily concerned with how the assets or equipment you want to finance will impact your organisation. As a result, they rarely consider and include the soft costs associated with the purchase, such as installation, training and maintenance. A traditional bank lease is recorded in the balance sheet as debt, whereas, a rental payment is positioned as a tax deductible operating expense.

RentWorks Residual Investment

RentWorks is able to offer rental installments that are more competitive than traditional bank leases because we invest our own equity as an upfront residual component in every transaction. We are able to do this because we are also investment experts – through our extensive secondary market for refurbished equipment, we are able to eliminate your end-of-life asset risk and reduce your cost of asset acquisition.

RentWorks Asset management

RentWorks does not just provide a financing solution. Our Asset agility is responsive lifecycle management and flexible rental financing. The product of RentWorks’ unique expertise in finance, business and technology; asset agility encompasses every aspect of the asset management lifecycle – from tracking and upgrades, to refurbishing, re-marketing or recycling of obsolete equipment – all at highly competitive rates and with fixed payments you can accurately budget for.