Asset Management

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Does your business need to procure a new asset?
Do you want the certainty of regular rental payments?
Are you looking for a cost-effective way of disposing of obsolete or redundant inventory?
RentWorks will transform your procurement strategy into a sustainable competitive advantage by optimizing it to match your organizations unique profile.


  • Our rental agreements do not require large up-front cash outlays or deposits.
  • We offer flexible and lower payment options than traditional bank leases.
  • We will customize your payment plan while taking both your current and future business needs into account.
Customise Your Solution
Our business management specialists are trained to assess the intricacies and impact of your asset acquisition from both a business and financial perspective and they will work with you to make sure your acquisition is tailored to suit your specific needs. Your organisation’s strategic objectives are also taken into account, together with any other pertinent variables.

Structured Payment Plan
Your payment plan can be structured to suit your organisation’s budgets and cash flows. These flexible options can match your revenue generation providing you with financial certainty and enabling you to better manage your cashflow.

RentWorks’ Sell And Rent Back Solution
If you have existing assets, we will buy it from you for either its remaining book value or current market value, whichever is higher. We will then rent it back to you for the remainder of its perceived useful life. That way, you will receive a cash injection into your business that you can channel into more lucrative, income-generating opportunities. In addition, if you have equipment that is obsolete or redundant in your environment we can assist you with its re-marketing or environmentally responsible disposal, thus negating the cost that is often associated with redundant asset disposal.

RentWorks’ Exchange Plan
The RentWorks’ Exchange Plan mechanism allows you the flexibility to replace a percentage of your original acquired assets with new equipment at any stage during the contract. This can be structured so that it does not affect your rental payments, just the length of the rental term.

Brand And Vendor Independence
RentWorks is not prescriptive and our independence means that you are free to choose whatever brand and supplier you have a preference for. With us, you can rent multiple asset types from numerous different vendors all under a single Master Rental Agreement (MRA) and its associated rental schedules.

Optimal Asset Management
Rentworks can integrate your entire asset, maintenance, service, insurance and other related services into a single payment schedule. This reduces and simplifies the paperwork and makes it easier to work out the total cost of ownership of every asset – an important step towards optimising your asset management.

The stretched budgets and operational challenges that most organizations have to face have made the careful, precise management of assets and equipment an imperative issue.


Managing assets is about controlling costs, ensuring optimum productivity, navigating change and mitigating risks.

Besides enabling you to deploy resources effectively to meet your strategic goals, RentWorks can provide you with tools to proactively manage your assets. This offers numerous benefits, including: improving asset uptime and reliability by introducing a planned replacement cycle, allowing you to recover sooner from accidental or malicious losses and helping your organization smoothly transition from existing to new equipment through a structured cycle of equipment renewal.

RentWorks Offers The Following Range Of Tools And Services As Standard With Every Rental Agreement:
RentWorks’ Exchange Plan – upgrade your equipment without increasing your costs

We understand the importance of keeping abreast of technology and ahead of competition. That’s why our Exchange Plan allows you to replace a percentage of your original rental fleet with new equipment at different intervals during your contract.

Minimise Downtime Caused By Equipment Theft Or Damage
RentWorks offers comprehensive insurance across all rented asset types. Claims processing is assured to be swift for quick compensation for loss and can recover much faster.

Retire Unwanted Assets
Are you looking for a straightforward, cost-effective and environmentally sound way of disposing of obsolete or redundant assets? Have you tried to sell your old assets and have been disappointed by their resale value? With the new dumping laws have you found that destroying outdated assets can be costly and risky?

Disposal of unwanted assets or equipment safely is another reason why renting makes sense. At the end of the rental period, you simply return the equipment to us, without hassle or liability. We will then either refurbish and re-market it or dispose of it in a way that is environmentally sound.

The Benefits Of Proper Asset Disposal


Be Environmentally Responsible

As awareness of environmental issues continues to grow and regulations governing the recycling of old equipment becoming stiffer, organisations are paying more attention to the problem of ‘e-waste’ and looking for ways of discarding technology assets and other than dumping. While recycling assets and equipment remains our priority, if it is genuinely obsolete, you can rest assured that we will manage its disposal in accordance with environmental regulations.

RentWorks Sell & Rent Back
Do you have existing assets that you are not sure what to do with?
A RentWorks Sell & Rent Back option is for your existing owned assets. We will purchase these assets at their book value and rent them back to you for its remaining useful life. Implementation of asset replacement cycles can be planned effectively through the RentWorks Exchange Plan option.